The access to the website hosted in the URL address or that substituted in the future (from now on, “the site”) and the consultation of the information contained in said site, as well as, in the case, the hiring through said site or the use of services, either free or paid, that are offered in the site, involves the acceptance from the user of the terms and conditions specified in the present legal notice. For this reason, we recommend you to attentively read its content.

Validity of the legal notice

VELTIA BARCELONA SL, domiciled in C/ Galileo Galilei, 7, Floor 0, 08403 Granollers, provided of Fiscal Identification Number B-65411852, registered in the Barcelona Trade Register, in Volume 42223, Sheet 85, Page number 404690, first registration, is the titular entity and manager of the site (hereafter, the “owner of the site”).

The owner of the site reserves the right to modify the conditions specified in this legal notice at any moment, in which case, they will come into force from their publication and will be applicable from that date on.

Unless otherwise indicated, the contents of the site and, especially, the references relative to resources, tools and services, do not constitute a binding offer. The owner of the site reserves the right to introduce modifications or omit partial or totally the current contents when considered opportune, as well as to avoid, restrict or suspend the access to the site, either temporally or permanently.

Under no circumstances will it be understood that the making available of services, information, resources and / or tools of any kind from the site constitutes any kind of service delivery, commercial offer and / or contractual relationship with the owner of the site, or in no other way, generates liabilities at the owners expenses, unless specified otherwise.


To the effects set out in this legal notice, the following terms should be understood according to the following definitions.

  • User: any person who visits the site
  • Distributor: natural or legal person who desires to create, develop or consolidate projects or a distribution network of washroom accessories, who registers in the site with the aim of making use of the resources, tools and services of any kind, which can be accessed from the site.
  • Client: natural or legal person registered in the site interested in buying, promoting or selling washroom accessories in different sectors of the activity.
  • Expert: natural or legal person registered in the site, endowed with the experience and knowledge that might be useful for the sale or consultancy of washroom accessories and want to facilitate said knowledge, either by means of the start-up of new projects, the contribution of contents to the site and / or the presentation of assistance and consultancy (online or by any other means).
  • Collaborating entity: entity with own legal personality who, without having the qualification of distributor or client, contributes to the site with all types of contents, as well as formative and informative offers in particular areas, in collaboration with the owner of the site.

In all cases, when any person who collaborates in the contribution of contents to the site is offering a service or product by means of said site, it will have to be expressly indicated, exempting the owner of the site of any responsibility derived from the compliance or incompliance of the liabilities contracted, as well as the responsibility derived from any infringement that might incur related to the normative of Advertising, Industrial and Intellectual Property, Unfair Competition, Personal Data Protection, Consumers and Users Protection or any other nature.

Specifically, it will not be understood that the management of the site by its owner brings the participation and / or linkage of the owner (as a party) in the contractual and / or commercial relationships or of any other nature that might establish between users and, therefore, under no circumstances will said owner be responsible of the compliance of liabilities derived from the mentioned relationships. To this effect, it will be understood that all users act independently and autonomously in their relationships with other users of the site.

Industrial and intellectual property

The contents of the pages comprised in the site include or may include texts, documents, multimedia artwork, photographs, drawings, logotypes, brands, commercial names, internet domain names or other distinctive signs protected by industrial and intellectual property rights or image rights, of which the site and the natural or legal persons who participate in the content contribution to the site or who authorise their use for such aim, whether they are distributors, clients, experts, collaborating entities or users, are titular or legitimate licensed.

Any modality of exploitation, including all types of reproduction, distribution, transfer to third parties, making available or public communication and transformation, by means of any support and medium, of the artworks above mentioned, creations and distinctive signs, without previous and express authorisation of their respective owner, is strictly forbidden. The non-compliance of this prohibition may constitute a punishable offence by law in force.

However, at their own risk, users will be able to download or create copies of said elements exclusively for personal use, without it meaning an authorisation or license over the property rights of the owner of the site or the third parties mentioned above. Specially, the user cannot alter, modify or delete, totally or partially, any of said elements, nor infringe the any of the industrial or intellectual property rights of the owner of the site or of third parties.

In addition to the above, the contents of the site and, especially, those inventions the characteristics of which are outlined in the site and / or are part of the projects promoted by Veltia Barcelona, may be covered by the industrial property rights and / or protected as patents, utility models, registered brands, commercial names and / or shop signs, even if this circumstance is not mentioned expressly, being forbidden any modality of exploitation of said contents, including all types of reproduction, distribution, making available for third parties, public communication and transformation by means of any type of support or medium, except when expressly authorised by its owner.

Except in cases in which the owner of the site expressly authorises it, it is strictly forbidden to establish links or hyperlinks between third parties’ sites or web pages and the site, as well as presenting totally or partially the web pages of the site or the information included in it under frames or macros, distinctive signs, social denominations or third parties’ commercials, which, in any way, may associate to the image or the commercial name of the owner of the site, inducing to mistakes, confusions or disguises.

In any case, any person collaborates in the contribution of contents to the site, is offering a product or service through the site, must indicate it expressly, exempting the owner of the site of any responsibility derived from the compliance or non-compliance of the contracted liabilities, as well as the responsibility derived from any infraction that might incur regarding the normative related to Advertising, Industrial and Intellectual Property, Unfair Competition, Personal Data Protection, Users and Consumers Protection or of any other type.

The owner of the site does not give any guarantee on the accuracy, permissibility or legality of the information or elements included in the site’s pages when they have not been created by the owner or when the owner is not bearer of said information or elements.



The owner of the site does not guarantee the continued access nor the correct visualization, download or utility of the elements and information included in the site, that can be prevented, hamper or interrupted by circumstances foreign to the owner’s control.

The owner of the site is not responsible (i) of the information and other contents integrated in web spaces or pages of third parties accessible from the site through links or hyperlinks, (ii) the information of those sites that are accessed through the site by said means, (iii) of the information and contents of any web page of third parties that is present under the appearance or distinctive signs of the owner of the site or licensed to the owner by third parties.

The owner of the site is not responsible for the information, contents of all types, products and / or services offered and / or provided through the site by third parties and, especially, of liquidated damages, losses, claims or expenses of any type that, linked to the previous, may be produced by:

  • Decision making based on the accessible information of the site or included in the site
  • Veracity, accuracy, suitability and sufficiency of the information given from the site to the users
  • Infringement or injuries by the part of the users of legitimate interests and / or intellectual and industrial rights (especially those who might correspond to users who collaborate to the contribution of contents to the site), realisation of unfair competence acts or illicit advertising
  • Infringement of liabilities that might be of application according to their activity, whether they are the planned by the law in terms of services to society of information, general hiring conditions, consumers’ defence and users, etc.
  • Infringement of law in force in terms of data protection; of liabilities related to professional secrecy, rights to honour, personal and family privacy and image of person.
  • Unlawful intrusion through the use of malware or any type and through any communication mean, such as informatics virus, improper use of the pages of the site
  • Security or navigation faults produced by a malfunction of the browser or by the use of non-updated version of said browser
  • In general, the infringement of any law, custom or code of conduct that might be applicable.

Furthermore, the owner of the site is not responsible for the content or the manifestations that might take place in any forum or debate accessible from the site, the user assuming exclusively the consequences of any manifestation he or she might carry out the content of which is illegal, slanderous or immoral. Without prejudice of the impossibility to control a priori the manifestations that might be carried out in said mediums, the owner of the site reserves the right to impede or ban the access to any user who introduces in the site contents contrary to law, moral or public order, also reserving the right to exercise the legal measures considered appropriate to avoid this type of behaviours.